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Personal Stories from people we’ve helped

Together we’re changing lives. Here’s how.

Community members participating in the construction of the new borehole

Here are some of the personal testimonies of those who have been touched by the action of BIVA FOUNDATION and have seen their lives and the lives of those in their communities transformed for the better.

Testimony 1

Namiburu, a community member of Butebi Village, had this to say:

Before the borehole was constructed, we used not only to suffer from poor health, but also had difficulties in finding water for watering our gardens due to lack of water and our plants were not growing well. As a result, we have not been having much yields from our gardens.  After the construction of the borehole, it has boosted our finances. Before we used to spend a lot of time collecting water for irrigating the crops but now that it is closer and a safer source it has become easier and cheaper. This season we expect higher returns from our gardens.”

Testimony 2

Henry of Namungona Village has this to say about the borehole:

“Our community members are happy to be one of the recipients of a borehole. Personally my family has benefited a lot. The little children do not have to walk long distances to collect water. It is a safe water source I no longer have to worry about all the dangers that were associated with the previous water source, like drowning, waterborne diseases and even rape. Having a borehole is very good thing for our community”.

Testimony 3

Rose of Buyobe Village had this to say: 

“The construction of the borehole brought our community together; people participated in great numbers. This shows how important this borehole is to us. I helped with the preparation of food for the team.

Because of the new borehole, my children don’t have to wake up before dawn anymore to go and collect water and we now have more water at home than before. In the past, we could only afford to collect the bare minimum and spent so much time on just collecting water because of the distance. My seven-year old says now that there is enough water we should rear goats and chicken.”

Testimony 4


Namusisi and her children used to collect water from a pond l before the borehole was constructed. She has this to say:

“We always fetched water from this water source. We used it for all the domestic needs at our home including drinking. We walked for a long distance to get here mostly after a long day at school, by the time we got home after collecting enough water for the next day it was usually dark outside. We are happy now that we do not have to walk very far.  We fear the dark because it is in the darkness that children get molested. We are happy for the newly constructed borehole as the water is very clean and our mother too can go and fetch water by herself now that the borehole is not far from our home”.

Testimony 5

Namukoza and her friends have used to collect water for their school from an unprotected source.  They have this to say:

“Each day at school before lunch break we have to collect water for our teachers. We do it in turns but we have to walk long distances. This causes us to be tired for the next lesson as usually the pond is very far from the school.

We are happy now that community members are constructing the borehole which is near our school.  We will have more time to concentrate on our studies and be able to play at lunch break without been worried to fetch unsafe water far away”.

Borehole for School

Borehole constructed for a needy school by a Transform Africa UK Board member

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